Basic & Advanced Obedience Puppy Upgrade



 Total of 8 Private Lessons
 First 4 lessons include commands from Basic Obedience Training
 Final 4 lessons are Advanced Obedience Lessons
 Large Variety of Advanced Commands Learned
 Extended distance obedience, heel, “watch” command, “through” command, “front” command, “stand” command, and more!
 Includes e-collar and training leash



This package is for those who really want their dog to be rockstars! You receive 8 obedience lessons (4 Advanced Obedience Lessons on top of the 4 Basic Obedience Lessons).

Basic Obedience Curriculum
“Come,” “Sit,” and “Extended Sit.”
“Down” and “Extended Down.”
“Place” and “Extended Place.” They will sit on a specific location that you point to (chair, park bench, etc)
“Out.” To drop any and all the things you ask them to.
“Loose Leash Walking.” They will walk right beside of you on a leash
“Off.” Do not jump on me or anyone else.

Advanced Obedience Curriculum
Large Variety of Advanced Commands Learned
“Extended distance obedience”
“Through” command,
“front” command,
“stand” command,
…and more!

The e-collar we use has a two-year warranty, it is completely waterproof, and it has a range of 3/4-mile (1200 yards)! This will be ready at your first lesson along with the training leash!


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